NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Fun

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Whether you are a motorcyclist yourself, a racing fan, or anything in between, NHRA pro stock motorcycle racing could be a great extreme sport for you to start watching. This sport is always action packed and delivers some very exciting and close races. If you are a NASCAR fan or enjoy watching just about any other kind of high-speed racing, then this is a sport that you will definitely want to check out for yourself in the near future, whether it be by attending a race for yourself or even just watching a televised NHRA motorcycle racing event on Read more…

John Force: Love Him or Not?

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John Force is, for many, one of the greatest NHRA funny car racers of all times. His outspokenness has gotten him into hot water, and has tended toward making him the type of celebrity driver that people either love or hate. Men find him intriguing from a racing standpoint, and respect all he has done for the sport of drag racing. Women, on the other hand, tend to really enjoy Force for what he does off the track.

As far as most women are concerned, it is what Force Read more…

Drag Racing: Four Wide in Charlotte

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Beginning in the spring of 2011, four-wide racing finally came to the NHRA event in Charlotte. That season, Charlotte was tapped to be the only site on the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series schedule to feature this type of exciting competition. The Four-Wide Nationals proved to be a great success from the get-go, as fans streamed into Charlotte to witness history. The NHRA made the decision to begin four-wide racing as the request of fans, the racing community and Read more…

NASCAR’s Nationwide Series

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If you are a Nascar fan, looking for the latest race, and catching the events either on tv or live, the Nascar Nationwide Series races are some of the biggest races out there. The nationwide series is made up of approximately ten races, and consists of every big Nascar race team out there. You are going to catch some of your favorite racers competing against each other, in the biggest race events of the season, earning points to keep Read more…

Bill France, Sr.

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Bill France SR, who was born as William Henry France SR was a famous American Race Car Driver. He lived from September 1909 until June 1992. Mr. France began his career in 1936 when he raced in the Daytona Beach Road Course. In 1947, he began partnering with other racers and came up with the idea for NASCAR. In February of 1948, NASCAR was formed. Several years later, he began building the Talledega Superspeedway, which opened in 1969.

Mr. France received many accolades during his lengthy and successful career.I was looking for more information and found it here. In 1990, he was inducted in both the International Motorsports Hall of Fame Read more…

Going to Melbourne? Check Out Calder Park

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Melbourne, Australia, is just one of those places that you must visit if you just love drag racing. Calder Park is the exact location for anyone to come out and see it. You will be able to stay tuned to many upcoming events. The best time to go is when many of these events are just about to take place. You can find out all about the upcoming events by visiting their official website. You will be able to find out so much information about it. If you love racing, then this is the place to be. There are also Read more…

Female-Friendly Tracks We Love

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Hey ladies, have you had enough of watching the races on your satellite tv? Want to get out there and really experience the burning rubber like never before? Here are a few of our favorite female-friendly tracks to make a pilgrimage to sooner rather than later
Charlotte Motor Speedway: There are a lot of great things going for CMSit-s a hot weather track which means you can wear your daisy dukes and it still allows beer inside. There are plenty of bathrooms, too, so you won-t Read more…

The Days of Richard Petty

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In a career that spanned from 1959 through 1984, Richard Petty ruled the NASCAR Sprint Car nation with 200 career victories, with three Grand National Titles in 1964, 1967, and 1971, and four more Winston Cup Titles in 1972, 1974, 1975, and 1979. In a way, the days of Richard Petty were the days where NASCAR was still the wild, wild west. It was days before big sponsorship, the days it became mainstream, and the days before political correctness was embraced. Those were the days where most of the races weren’t Read more…

Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of fame

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North Carolina is the center of the NASCAR universe. From the garages of several large NASCAR operations to the best racing venue at Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of NASCAR. Any visit to Charlotte has to include a trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame was first opened in 2010 after three years of construction and decades of planning. The museum is located near the Motor Speedway in Charlotte, home to several races throughout the NASCAR season. The building was constructed by Read more…

The Legendary Dale Earnhardt

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Dale Earnhardt is a man that will not soon be forgotten. More than ten years after his passing NASCAR drivers and fans still discuss the legendary Dale Earnhardt. He was a man that could do anything with a race car and when he was in a groove he was unstoppable.

Dale Earnhardt was the best restrictor plate driver of all time and many said it was because he could see the wind. It was more than that. Earnhardt knew the special physics of restrictor plate racing and Read more…