NASCAR’s Nationwide Series

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If you are a Nascar fan, looking for the latest race, and catching the events either on tv or live, the Nascar Nationwide Series races are some of the biggest races out there. The nationwide series is made up of approximately ten races, and consists of every big Nascar race team out there. You are going to catch some of your favorite racers competing against each other, in the biggest race events of the season, earning points to keep on top of the standings and leader boards.I was looking for more information and found it here. No matter which team you cheer for, you are going to catch your favorite teams and racers, making the rounds in the Nationwide series.

The races take place in the biggest race cities, and go on a tour of the US, starting with the Daytona 500, to the Indy 500, you are going to catch one of your favorite races in between. So, if you rather catch the thrill live, and want to attend the events, buying tickets for a local series in your city, is a great way to watch your team and favorite drivers live. And, for those looking to catch it on the big screen, head down to a local race bar, and enjoy the races with other fans.

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